PIMA Cotton - The Super Cotton

PIMA Cotton - The Super Cotton

Much like coffee or wine, the quality of cotton varies greatly. You might pay attention to select a 100% cotton garment, but did you know that it is actually the type of cotton that makes all the difference in how the garment feels and behaves?

We tested many different types of cotton for our Superfrau T-Shirts and have come to the conclusion that we like Pima Cotton best. Turns out we are certainly not alone in our judgement, Pima is known as the Cashmere of Cotton and recognized as the world’s most luxurious.

And here is why:

Super soft:

While other fabrics rely on chemical blends to achieve a soft feel, Pima cotton feels luxuriously soft and smooth against the skin just by itself. Unlike other cotton, Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand which is not only more environmentally sound, but it also benefits the quality of cotton itself. Industrial harvesting tears the cotton fibers, creating a scratchy texture that affect the smoothness of the final garment. Pima cotton is also highly resistant to pilling due to its fiber’s strength.

Super shine:

Pima has a beautiful sheen to it and who does not like shiny objects? Pima cotton manages to retain its bright luster, so you can to shine all day.

Super sensitive:

Pima cotton does not contain pesticide residues or synthetic fertilizers. Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic:

Super durable:

We want you to enjoy your T-Shirt for a long time and play hard in it all day. Pima cotton has exceptional durability that is 45% higher than other cottons due to its longer fiber strands. So you can play, wash and repeat as long as you want.


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